Lead YourSelf Campus| New Leaders Foundation

It is the time of the crossing: and, if we dare not do it,
We will have been, forever, on the margins of ourselves.

(Fernando Teixeira de Andrade)   

Welcome Future!

The values, the models, the beliefs, the gurus, the masters and everything that defined us while Being is being deconstructed, so that it can give way to a new Being, more autonomous, more integrated, more conscious and more complete. And its implications are clearly visible and indisputable, through the whole set of collapses that we are observing, and that will deepen, whether at the social, political, economic, financial level and so on.
The world needs new leaders, new models, new paradigms!

It is urgent to discard the old patterns that brought us to this individual and social breakdown!

It is urgent to change the bank, as this side of the river has its days numbered!

In that sense, Lead YourSelf | The Vanguard of Leadership in fulfilling its Social, Corporate and Environmental responsibility has joined efforts with the Foundation for New Leaders | The Lighthouse of Change and created the Lead YourSelf Campus | Trainning Center for The New Leadership Skills to support everyone who, regardless of social, professional, experience, among others, wants to cross the bridge of change towards a new dimension of reality, more interconnected, more integrated and more resilient.

A solid bridge for change!

We are part of the change and we want to be a solid bridge for everyone who wants to make the crossing. We are restless and provocative, and we believe that in union, respect and sharing, the crossing will be smoother and faster

The Lead YourSelf Campus is composed of several intervention areas that we call Lotus, each specialized in different, but interconnected areas. It acts from individual to collective or social dimensions, touches on all pillars considered fundamental for the resurgence of new consciences, organizational models and leadership.

Next step

Our next step will be the materialization of a space, where we will promote events, seminars, workshops, congresses, retreats, intensive training and capacity building programs, specialized consultancy, support for new projects and other activities that help to consolidate change.

At the same time, we are creating a platform where those interested can attend lectures, clarification sessions, coaching, webinars, specializations with themes as comprehensive as the various sectors of human life.

To this end, we rely on the collaboration and partnership of various entities and professionals of national and international origin to help us leverage the realization of this ambitious project.

We already have the “engines running” ready to move forward at great speed, and we look forward to everyone who wants to join US!

Soon we will update the news.


BEING recognized by all sectors where we intervene as a guiding star that illuminates and sustains the awakening of a new paradigm of Leadership.


These are the 12 main values:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Systemic and Integrated Vision
  3. Innovation and Creativity
  4. Appointment
  5. Impartiality
  6. Cooperation
  7. Resiliency & Preservation
  8. Excellence
  9. Sustainability
  10. Autonomy
  11. Empathy
  12. Love & Joy (agape)

Our Mission

Be a solid bridge between the old and the new world!

To be the energy of change that promotes and generates a new awareness based on integrated and inclusive models!

Be the womb of new ideas, new projects and new models, responding in this way to the demands of the new reality!

Be responsibility, professionalism, quality, integrity and innovation in all our activities and interventions!

Be the opportunity for all who seek change!

Has a


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