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The New Generation of Coaching Tools for Disruptive Leaders and Engaged Teams.

Colapsology, Soft Skills, Transformation, Disruptive Leadership, Quantum Leadership, Resilience, Generation Z, Engagement, Network Management, these are some of the “Keywords” that are part of the new organizational lexicon, and that require new models of Leadership Training, from Teams and Organizations.

We have all realized that the next few years will be a roller coaster ride in the business world and that “engagement” and “disruption” will be the keywords.

Are you ready for the new paradigm?

But how do we promote “engagement and disruptive thinking” in an organization?

There is only one answer to this question: – Going to the essence of “things”!

Let’s get on the shelf the books that speak of methodologies aimed at developing the personality or emotions, because all this is past. We entered a entirely new field of exploration, which is where it all starts, where the roots of our attitudes, emotions and consciousness.

The corporate universe is made up of people, and it is these same people who can facilitate the success or failure of projects. We all know that … However, for decades, we have separated the individual person from the professional person, and what we see today is that this was and is, the biggest enemy or obstacle to “engagement“. Because in this new paradigm what promotes the person’s involvement with the Organization, it is not the material or professional conditions (the so-called emotional salary), it is the identification; be it with the project, with the leadership, with making or not making sense within what each one believes.

It is not by chance that it is said that “the true transformation comes from within each one”. But in order for us to explore this transformation, we must equip ourselves with new tools, new approaches and new fields of action.

And that means going beyond the mind and emotions!

Gigantic challenge, right? However, this is the new reality … and it would be great if we didn’t take too long to accept it!

Increasingly science explores the conscious and collective unconscious ways, and this has also been the challenge of Lead YourSelf, to respond to these new times. We have been developing integrated methodologies, in which the individual person is not separated from the professional person and the project. They mainly function as facilitators of integration of the various dimensions of the “person” with the project.

They are innovative, bold and exclusive models of Lead YourSelf, in the areas of Coaching, Consulting and Organizational Environment Audit, in which the focus of action is positioned upstream or in the matrix of beliefs and behaviors that limit and disturb success.

We believe that it is necessary to Deconstruct in order to build again. Deform back to form. Misalign to return to Align. Because only then will we be able to see (really see!) The road that will lead us to the desired goal, without the noises coming from outdated forms / thoughts.

If you are already thinking “- How do we do that?” … try to join your team for a day and do a WSI Corporate ©.

We guarantee an unforgettable and deeply transformative experience.

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