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Corporation is a group of people who act as if they were one body, one person, seeking a common result.

But how is this possible, if each person represents a distinct universe with their own characteristics and expectations?

This has been the big question over the last few decades. Many experts have attempted to respond by creating tools and developing methods that promote internal alignment and empower the capabilities of employees and leaders.

And it worked!

It worked, but no longer works!

This is because the strategies used targeted a generation where it would be normal for people to adapt to corporate requirements regardless of their individual beliefs and expectations. However, in the current context of coming out of Millenials generation and entering Generation Z, the whole system of “preparation and training” of Leaders has also changed.

If so far the “preparation, maintenance and training” of leaders, talents and teams has been invested through exogenous and motivating methods and techniques, these resources no longer result. Because these new generations of professionals are attracted to corporations that inspire them not only professionally but also personal.

They do not distinguish the professional aspect of the other aspects and therefore look for projects that are an extension of their life as a whole, including the individual purpose. Because they have a transforming purpose in their genesis, they seek equally transformative projects.

It is for this reason that corporations wishing to maintain or achieve a position of success and prosperity must equate their current models of leadership and adopt disruptive strategies that enable them to make a balanced and successful generational transition.

Lead YourSelf comes in response to these new requirements!

Through integrated methods and tools that go far beyond conventional training and allow the flourishing of the true inspirational creativity that resides in the unconscious of each organism, whether individual or group.

Our main focus is not to create leaders! Our main focus is to rescue the present Leader in the person, in the project, in the corporation, through the deconstruction of the sabotaging and limiting aspects and, at the same time, giving the organizations competences that facilitate their regeneration process or of GrowUp, in the case of Startups.

Lead YourSelf