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1. Privacy Policy

The present text constitutes the Privacy Policy of LEAD YOURSELF, Lda, in all its areas of activity on behalf of or on behalf of its event brand (Projeto Fundação do Ser), such as, Consulting, Event Promotion, Training, and other activities that are inherent to it, ensuring the protection of all personal data transmitted to it.

The practices of LEAD YOURSELF, LDA are in accordance with the national and Community legislation on data protection.

Before providing your Personal Data, you should read this Privacy Policy, to know your rights, how we treat and protect your data and who you should contact for clarification.



A LEAD YOURSELF, LDA., A limited liability company, headquartered at Avenida Sanches de Miranda, 55, 2 7005-177, Évora, Portugal, with the single registration number at the Commercial Registry Office R.N.P.C. of collective entity 515315583, is the entity Responsible for the treatment of your data.



According to the activity that the purpose of the data processing is developed, the data we collect and the way we treat them are different, but always according to the consent of the Personal Data Holders.

In accordance with the consent of the Personal Data Holders, we treat them for studies, market research and disclosure of our services and products.


LEAD YOURSELF, LDA collects and processes personal data, such as:

 (I) name;

(II) locality;

(III) fixed and / or mobile numbers;

(IV) e-mail address.

(V) Tax identification

The treatment of Personal Data being the responsibility of LEAD YOURSELF, consists of the operation or set of operations performed on those personal data, by automated or non-automated means.

Personal data may be subject to automated processing, i.e. creating a profile to define the personal preferences and behaviours of your Holder, in order to tailor any advertising information and / or marketing campaigns to that data.



LEAD YOURSELF, LDA may transmit personal data provided to third parties for treatment purposes. In this situation, LEAD YOURSELF, LDA guarantees that the subcontractor will respect all the obligations that derive from the legislation on protection of personal data.

Personal data may be shared with entities which are not located in the European Economic Area, but which are obliged to comply with the legislation on the protection of personal data, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.


Rights of the holders of personal data:

In accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data in force, all Personal Data Holders who consent to the treatment of them by LEAD YOURSELF, LDA, have the right to:

  1. at any time, withdraw consent for the processing of personal data;
  2. to proceed or request the correction of any personal data that the Holder of personal data has provided;
  3. access them at any time;
  4. oppose that they are used for marketing and / or advertising purposes;
  5. to request the portability of the same, to the entity that, for that purpose indicates;
  6. request the erasure of all personal data provided by this medium, and that are not necessary for the fulfilment of any legal obligations by the entity responsible for collecting them;
  7. to be informed by LEAD YOURSELF, LDA if it intends to proceed with the processing of personal data for purposes other than those which are hereby given consent.


The communication of personal data does not constitute a legal obligation, nor does the fact of not providing them prevent the conclusion of any contract.

For any information, as well as for the exercise of the rights legally conferred upon it, the Personal Data Holders may contact us on the phone number 351 938017990 or the e-mail with contact@leadyoursel.pt. For the same purpose, you can access the website of LEAD YOURSELF, LDA, through the link https://www.leadyourself.pt/en/privacy-policy/

Please be advised that you may submit any complaint regarding a possible violation of your rights to the National Data Protection Commission or the regulatory body that may be designated for this purpose.



In order to promote the security and protection of the legal rights of the Holders of Personal Data, it is hereby acknowledged that their data will be kept for the period strictly necessary for each activity of study and market research, the personal data will be erased or anonymised in a way that does not allow the identification of its Holder.



LEAD YOURSELF, LDA has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who may contact you to clarify any doubts or submit a complaint, by contacting us at contacto@leadyourself.pt.

LEAD YOURSELF, LDA reserves the right, without prior notice, to change this Privacy Policy, so it will be in your interest to regularly consult our website to keep informed.

2. Cancellation Policy and Online Transactions (events, workshops, classes, seminars, conferences)



Cancellations will be accepted without prejudice to the participants (refund of the money) up to 1 month before the event.

In other cases, the participant may send a substitute as soon as he informs LEAD YOURSELF, LDA., In a timely manner.

If the cancellation is the responsibility of Lead Yourself, or a partner of the same, the value of the ticket will be returned in full or proposed a new date for the accomplishment of the same.

The VALUES indicated in the events portal already include taxes in force.

Lead Yourself, Lda (Fundação do Ser) is not responsible for services that have not been contracted through it, being the same the responsibility of the participants.

3. Cookies Policy

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In case of doubts send mail to: contacto@leadyourself.pt