Upcoming Events

We believe that an event should have a transforming effect, both on individual and collective consciousness.

We are permanently promoting workshops, lectures, conferences and seminars with disruptive, transversal and inclusive themes, in person and online, in response to the diversity of human thought.

We want to help turn managers into leaders!

True leadership is based on the ability to recognize the values of others without the filter of judgment. But for that it is necessary to go beyond the conventional, get out of the comfort zone, allow the impossible to become possible, allow yourself to observe other perspectives, show the ability to transcend your own convictions, beliefs and knowledge and enhance your curiosity.

Breaking with prejudices and taboos that are easily installed in human minds and that prevent the development of a fundamental characteristic, the visionary sense common to all the great protagonists of change that marked, marked and will continue to profoundly mark history.

We invite specialists who, regardless of the topics covered, are recognized for professionalism, honesty, knowledge, innovation, and a conciliatory vision that adds value and meaning.

Allow yourself to go beyond the boundaries of the known, the socially acceptable, the conventional!

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