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Each human being represents a solar system, where the Sun represents their consciousness and where the stars that orbit that consciousness are represented by their belief system, memories, hereditary factors and patterns. It is these “stars” that condition our perception of reality in the dimensions of thinking, feeling and being. It is also on these “stars” that conventional models of human development focus their intervention. However, relatively recently, modern science has discovered that there is a field of forces that is not physically visible. The so-called dark matter, which conditions the reality of visible matter or the solar system observable with the naked eye. In other words, this means that each human being (solar system) has quantum (non-visible) dimensions that condition their performance in physical or material reality without them being aware of it.

In the image, these dimensions are represented by several Q (quotient), namely from the denser dimension QF = Physical or Biological Quotient to the more subtle QSN without individual consciousness or unified consciousness.

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QF – Physical or Biological Quotient

IQ – Intellectual Quotient

EQ – Emotional Quotient

SQ1 – Spiritual or Quantum Quotient (Lower Self)

SQ2 – Spiritual or Quantum Quotient (Higher Self)

SQN – No Questions (Unified Consciousness)

Until recently, it was thought that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) would be the ideal tool to change or enhance human performance. However, it was found that its impact happens fundamentally downstream, that is, it can promote significant changes in the way we relate and understand the inter and intra relational dynamics, but it does not guarantee that they are definitive.

Behold, a new intelligence, the Spiritual or Quantum Intelligence, appears.

This intelligence acts in the most subtle fields of the human being, in the unconscious, subconscious, etc. According to experts, a person who does not develop any type of activity that promotes self-knowledge has an average level of self-awareness of 15 to 20%, with the rest (around 80%) being unconscious.

Which means that 80% of our choices, reactions, dreams, etc. are not aware.

This intelligence allows us to observe that, our dark matter (the unconscious) and through this observation we can enhance aspects and qualities that are dormant, as well as transform or definitively eradicate patterns that hinder and limit us.

Lead YourSelf is a pioneer and specialist in the development and implementation of tools and models that work in an integrated way, because we know that sustainable and lasting change only happens when there is conscious transformation.

A transformação  acontece quando nos é permitido observar a situação na origem para podermos compreende-la e/ou transformá-la.

A Inteligência Espiritual ou Quântica já é considerada como a “Nova Chave do Sucesso para Pessoas e Corporações”. Este reconhecimento é feito por importantes especialistas em desenvolvimento humano, mas também por gestores de topo de grandes organizações de impacto mundial, em que o seu sucesso está alicerçado na criatividade e inovação.

Our Coaching Services can be applied remotely, in face-to-face sessions we have a protocol of good practices that safeguard the safety of those involved.