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CollapsologySoft SkillsTransformation, Disruptive Leadership, Quantum Leadership, Resilience, Gen Z, Engagement, Network Management, these are some of the “Keywords” that are part of the new organizational lexicon and that require new models of training leaders, teams and organizations.

We all realize that the next few years will be a roller coaster in the business world, where “engagement” and“disruption” will be the keywords.


But how do you promote engagement and disruptive thinking in an organization?


Let’s get to the essence of each situation!

It’s time to put away the books that tell us about methodologies aimed at the development of personality or emotions, because all this is part of the past. We have entered an entirely new field of exploration, which is where it all begins, where the roots of our attitudes, emotions and consciousness are.


The corporate universe is made up of people, and it is these same people who can facilitate the success or failure of projects. However, and for decades, we have separated the individual person from the professional person,  and today we can see that this has been the biggest obstacle to engagement. 


Because in this paradigm, what promotes the person’s involvement with the Organization is not material or professional conditions or the so-called emotional salary, it is the identification!

Whether with the project, with the leadership,  and whether or not to make sense within what each one believes and desires.


It is not by chance that it is said that “true transformation comes from within each one”. But for us to explore this transformation, we have to arm ourselves with new tools, new approaches and new fields of action.


And that implies going beyond the mind and emotions.

A giant challenge, right?

However, this is the new reality!

Science increasingly explores the paths of the conscious and unconscious collective, and this has also been the challenge of Lead YourSelf , to respond to these new times. 


We have been developing integrated methodologies, in which the individual person is not separated from the professional person and the project. Above all, they work as facilitators of integration of the various dimensions of the “person” with the project.


New Generation of Consulting and Coaching

They are innovative, bold and exclusive models, in the areas of Coaching and  Organizational Environment Audit, in which the focus of action is positioned upstream or in the matrix of beliefs and limiting and disruptive behaviors of success.

We consider that it takes Deconstruct to get back to Build, Unform to get back to Form. Unalign to return to Align. Because only then will we be able to see (see with eyes to see!) the road that will take us to the desired goal, without the noise coming from outdated forms/thoughts.

If at this point you’re already thinking “- How is that done?”… Here’s some advice, try joining your team for a day and doing a WSI Corporate©.

We guarantee an unforgettable and deeply transformative experience!

Watch this demo video and if you want more information, send us an email to contacto@leadyourself.pt.

WSI Individual (Integrated Life Coaching)

“In a time of so much instability and discontinuity, inner appeasement is imperative, because only then will we be able to hear clearly the coordinates emitted by our heart.”

Cristina Leandro Faria

Lead YourSelf’s Manager Partner | The Vanguard of Leadership

What is WSI© Individual?

It is a Powerful and Innovative tool for Deconstructing Beliefs and Habits, which limit our Creativity and enclose us in a castrating and limiting reality!

There are two levels of self-knowledge. The first level involves self-observation and recognition of your own ego patterns. But on a deeper level, knowing yourself is being yourself”.  – Eckhart Tolle

Phenomenological Systemic Approach

The phenomenological approach seeks to equate conflicts and disarticulate crystallized patterns, due to a series of events that generate pain, resentment, hurt and exclusions.

This approach mainly focuses on identifying such unconscious tensions, looking for  present to the participant a new possible picture of reality, in which such tensions are dissolved.

Scope of the Phenomenological Systemic Approach

As the structure of human bonds predates social models or understanding, many interventions completely escape understanding… That is, the Phenomenological Systemic deals many times with biological, symbolic, emotional and human psychological systems so ancient that our current cultural rules and social models do not always reach or understand this reality.

This aspect makes it possible to reveal the most appropriate solutions in terms of feelings and not in reason or in the understanding of right and wrong, which are often factors that potentiate exclusions, prejudices, revenge and so many other hostile human behaviors. And therefore, an intervention through the phenomenological approach can reveal solutions that are not very understandable to reason and propose simple actions, sometimes accessible only to intuition.

In Summary the Phenomenological Approach…

It consists of a way of entering a universe of phenomena that the intellect is not able to reach, as it includes realities that the mind does not yet perceive or know. It is a profound approach that currently, with more evolved models, has given rise to multi-dimensional interventions, that is, to the possibility of solving problems at multiple levels in a single intervention.

Science and the Phenomenological Systemic Approach

This phenomenon is not yet fully explained by so-called conventional science (although there are several approaches to its explanation within neurology and biology), however the Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, biologist and biochemist, through his thesis on “morphogenetic fields” has allowed a better intellectual understanding of this whole process.

This workshop model is a unique and exclusive model from Lead YourSelf, as it was developed and extensively tested by Cristina Leandro Faria who is Co-founder of the LYS Foundation Project and Manager partner of Lead YourSelf | The Vanguard of Leadership. .

General WSI Individual Topics

“Are you ready for the biggest challenge of your life? Know who it is!”

  • Non-locale (no space);
  • Discontinuity (no time);
  • The tangled hierarchy of relationships (family, social, affective, professional)
  • The state of Being and Not Being
  • Illusion and “Dis”Illusion
  • Morphological fields
  • The “death” of personality
  • The awakening of the state AGAPÈ (unconditional love)

Individual WSI Methodology


“Are you ready for the biggest challenge of your life?

Discover Who You Are!

The WSI Individual , develops around the “Wheel of Being, which consists of in our  adaptation of the conventional coaching model known as the “Wheel of Life”. The work takes place in the quantum dimension  and is based on the 12 pillars that we believe are the main coordinates for the manifestation of a full life.

Which are:

– Love

– Wisdom

– Peace

– Justice

– Happiness

– Creativity

– Health

– Family

– Relations

– Professional

– Abundance and Prosperity

– Freedom

One of the great advantages  of this methodology, is a group work so it will  allows the participants not to  are limited to a single pillar of the Wheel, thus being able to work on the twelve aspects, preserving the privacy and intimacy of each one.

To whom it may concern:

  • To those who want to make a difference in how they “live”,  and how they relate to you,  with people and the world.
  • To those who seek a “Greater Meaning”
  • To those who believe that the solutions and answers lie within themselves
  • To those who seek further clarification on any of the pillars of their Wheel of Being
  • To all the brave ones who are ready for the biggest challenge of their lives“Find out who you really are!”

What are the Expected Results: 

  1. Participants will have a clear conceptual and practical notion that “conscience” is their main keeper. And that only through love (in the broadest sense) it will be possible to achieve Freedom.
  2. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of patterns and beliefs that may be limiting their existence.
  3. They will experience (practices without techniques) the quantum processing of creativity
  4. A unique immersion in the paradigms of timeless multidimensionality.
  5. Discovering the complexity of your own BEING
  6. Become the Inspiring Leader of your own life
  7. All that each one allows himself

Confidentiality  & Good Practices

Although WSI Individual is a group work, we ensure that any personal information  will not be shared.

We comply with all rules and protocols related to safety, health and well being.

How long is a WSI Individual and how can I participate?

The WSI Individual lasts about 8H (one day). The maximum number of participants is limited to 12, so you can organize your own group  in your region or join one of the groups organized by Lead YourSelf. If you choose the second option and want to know the available dates, please contact us using the form below.

Learn more about the Mentor of  WSI’s

Cristina Leandro Faria

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