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The New Generation of Consulting & Coaching

The current, unquestionably competitive, economic scenario requires more dynamic companies, managers with a heart and more entrepreneurial and disruptive daily attitudes.

New times require new leaders!

We are going through the biggest inflection point in our history. Inevitably,  the changes will be structural and disruptive and will happen at a speed never seen before.

We needinnovative leaders and above all, leaders transformative who are aware to the transformation taking place all over the world.

The new reality

We spend most of our days connected to the rest of the world.

We live in a time where social networks and artificial intelligence occupy a prominent place in social and professional dynamics, exposing us to a daunting variety of information. With this, it becomes essential that the leaders update themselves so that they do not lose everything they have achieved so far.

Lead YourSelf emerges as a catalyst for change, helping to transform traditional leadership into disruptive leadership.


Disruption is taking something out of its normal state by doing everything differently.

Disruptive leadership anticipates the future and focuses on what is to come. However, for this to happen, it is necessary to deconstruct traditional models of leadership.

Our Upgrade

Lead YourSelf is ready for change!

We have adapted our services and created new tools that will allow us to continue to support our customers and partners, safely and effectively.


To be recognized in the corporate sector as an excellent partner in the implementation of disruptive, innovative and transformative consulting and coaching strategies.


We develop truly innovative and bold tools that allow us to promote transformation from the inside out, as we believe that transformation only happens with a change in consciousness.

We establish partnerships with entities and specialists, which allow us to provide an excellent and avant-garde service in the area of ​​changing the paradigm of leadership and transforming businesses and people, effectively breaking the established status quo.

We always maintain a ‘StartUp!’ that is, we face each new project as a new reality and a new demand.

We guarantee effective solutions for everyone, from the individual customer to the largest corporations.

We invest in win-win relationships. Therefore, we only accept commitments with customers and partners who are truly committed to change.

We innovate and transcend established coaching and consulting approaches, presenting transcendent and disruptive models.

We cultivate the customer/mission principle.


systemic view
Quality and excellence
These are the values that guide our activity!
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