“Humanity’s potential is infinite
and every being has a contribution to make
for a grander world.
We’re in it all together. We Are One

 (Helena Blavatsky)  

The current world moment expects from us an attitude endowed with a differentiated strategy, yes, but based on Integration, Innovation, Solidarity and Sustainability, capable of starting innovative ideas and promoting changes in the forms and processes that can be facilitators of greater comfort, confidence, hope. and dignity of humanity.

This is the Age of Consciousness of the All, of the One. It’s because? Because more and more we are aware that what happens today to our “neighbor”, tomorrow could be us.

We identify ourselves as Change Makers and that’s why we want to look at situations and create different solutions.

We have already identified 3 areas that are fundamental for us and in which action is urgent:

  • Health – Experts say that within 10 to 15 years there is a chance that one in two citizens will suffer from cancer. We know that the “cure” process is painful and difficult and that health professionals in this area work “miracles” to bring some comfort to patients, given the lack of means and resources they face daily. That’s why we believe that we should all contribute to the creation of support centers that, in addition to administering the treatments recommended by the competent authorities, can also offer other types of activities not only for patients but for their families. Dignity and the right to be treated with quality must be for everyone and not just for those who can afford it. The aim is to go ahead with a pilot project in a given region and expand as needed.
  • Young people – How many young people give up on their innovative projects because they run into bureaucracy, complexity and lack of comprehensive follow-up.
  • New Information/New Knowledge – Here we will be even bolder, because we want to create a space for healthy debate on different topics with the purpose of demystifying taboos and beliefs that are no longer part of this new era. We have to consider all the possibilities of solutions for the coming years, but for that we need to overcome the great challenge that is the opening of the mind to new realities or new potentials.

The LYS Foundation will be a private foundation and is in the process of being set up. Once all legal formalities are completed we will make a public presentation.

If you feel that the project LYS Foundation resonates with your vision or the vision of your organization or project and would like to know more information or the public presentation date,  send us an email to or fill in the form below.

Let’s build the next bridge.