Our differentials

“The whole is the sum of all the parts”.

At Lead YourSelf we have a systemic and multidimensional approach. In this way, we are careful to personalize each intervention.

We Deconstruct and Deform

We are specialists in deconstructing deep-rooted habits and beliefs, both individually and collectively. We are constantly looking for new solutions, which makes us pioneers and avant-garde.

We are disrUPtive

Our interventions are profoundly transformative. We use disrUPtive and integrated methodologies that act in various dimensions of the human being, from the intellectual and emotional dimensions, to the most quantum dimensions.

Integral and Systemic Intervention Model

We always work upstream, regardless of whether it is consulting, auditing or coaching. We specialize in specific tools with integral approaches, something impossible for conventional models operating downstream.

Unique Intervention Models

Regardless of the strategic partnerships that we can develop in order to provide an excellent service, we develop our own tools and methods, which make us unique.

Our main focus is the RECONNECTION and RESCUE of people, teams and projects.

We are able to identify the “Dark Matter” aspects of the organization’s collective consciousness/unconsciousness that may be influencing the results.

Impartial and free from value judgments

Our intervention is always guided by the deep respect we have for the individuality and personality of each one, regardless of their responsibility or role.

We don’t just intervene, we always take special care to leave a set of tools that will serve to maintain and optimize our work.

We do not force results, we optimize potentials

Our intervention model works through a specialized “Task Force”, created for each project.

We do not use standardized models

We are the ideal partner to help your team, business or project go through this paradigm shift!

We help to reassess the Vision/Mission taking into account the new reality in the business sector.

We audit the alignment of teams in an integrated and systematic way.


We enhance Engagement by using strategies that promote employee identification with the project.